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WELCOME to OConly Properties

A family, a couple or an individual want to make the right choice in one of the most meaningful decisions in their life experience - buying a home.

And the fact that you are at our webpage is a testament to the first step in your decision-making. OConly Properties is privileged to be of service to you in making that process as "painless as possible" and more to the point - highly successful.

Surely there are many ways to find the "place of your dreams" but as you now realize, the Internet has surpassed other traditional methods of locating what would be appropriate.

So let's get down to the "nitty-gritty" and assure you in having complete confidence in what is in your home-buying odyssey through the services of OConly Properties!

To get the ball rolling, please call us at (714) 261-7871.

One of our real estate specialists will respond affirmatively with an invitation so you can see any of the properties you would like to visit and explore its potential in detail.

You can also fill in our web page contact form and we will reply right away. There is no need for any delay OConly Properties is geared to being a positive factor in your home-buying experience.

There are many possible locations within Orange County. OConly Properties has up-to-date listings in all communities from which you can choose based on some of your specific criteria:

1. Size of the home you want with number of bedrooms, baths
2. Size of each individual rooms and the overall property area
3. Amenities, ie. pool, play area for children, garden area, BBQ pit, laundry room, etc
4. Security and privacy
5. Closeness to freeways for access to work or business
6. Garage area for multiple cars
7. Ease of maintenance of the overall property area
8. Close to first class schools; convenient shopping areas; houses of worship
9. Purchase price
10. Property taxes.

OConly Properties welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you. Please be assured of our dedication to helping you achieve your goal in buying your dream home!


It is extremely important that you have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm installed in the property. A State of California law in effect as of July 2011 makes this mandatory.